Tuesday, February 14, 2012

SOUNDWALK blog # 1

As I walk in the upper east side of New York City, I shut my other senses and focus on the sounds that I can perceive with my hearing. At first, all I can hear are the sounds of car engines, gas emissions and the sound of cars fractioning against the wind when they are on motion. These sounds are kind of rough, but they do not disturb your ear or attract your attention as soon as you hear them. 
Unfortunately, there is a sound that attracts your attention as soon as you hear it, and is not pleasant. This is the sound of cars slowing down while pressing the brake, this a very edgy sound, it disturbs your ears and prevents you from perceiving other sounds, since you can hear it very often.

Fortunately, I also walked around central Park and there is a big contrast between the sounds inside and outside the park. As I go into the park, I start perceiving the sound of my steps. It is an amazing sound, it is soft but at the same time brittle. I felt like I could perceive the frequencies of the sound. The sound reproduces as if it was playing in slow motion. I also start perceiving the sound of the wind which I perceived like a neutral sound, it is not coarse neither smooth, but is really pleasant and peaceful. The sound of the wind hitting the tree leaves on the floor is probably the most smooth and flowing sound that I hear during my walk, it was pleasant and natural.